Automated Metal Processing

For over 30 years, Camp Manufacturing has offered superior Metal Parts Manufacturing through the usage of Cutting-Edge Technology, utilized to the highest potential by our experienced professionals. We offer high precision quality metal cut parts for a wide variety of industries, and many different companies inside those industries. We specialize in making parts for the Automotive Industry, the Agricultural Parts Industry, and all the various divisions of the Manufacturing Industry. Today, we utilize many different tools and technologies to accomplish these goals for our clients. One of the greatest advancements of the last decade is our ability to utilize Automated Metal Processing to produce a higher yield of accurate, quick parts that are built completely to specification. And we can do it all for better than competitive pricing.

Automated Metal Processing By utilizing all the most sophisticated tools at our disposal, our experts can practically have your metal parts automatically processing 24/7 if necessary. We engage Fiber Optic Laser Cutting Machines, Prototype LC software, Press Braking, E2 Shop System software, and Dr Abe Bend applications, among other metal processing tools. We can build custom metal parts straight from your specifications and build them to scale. We can also modify or custom create your metal part specifications with our advanced software engineering capabilities. Our specialists are highly trained, and highly motivated to make your metal parts exactly how you need them, every single time.

  • We can cut parts 24/7 with Fiber Optics Laser Cutting Technology
  • We can use client specs, modify them, or create from scratch
  • We have Standard tolerances of +/- .005” or as low as +/- .001”
  • We have all the controlled Automated Metal Processing you need
  • We provide fast, accurate turnaround on your custom metal parts
  • We can get your parts to you faster, better, and cheaper