Laser Cutting Company

In the Southeastern U.S., and all throughout the United States, Camp Manufacturing is continuing to carve out a name and reputation as a Top Laser Cutting Company. We have over 30 years of experience in metal part manufacturing for companies throughout a wide variety of industries. Our high level of expertise, combined with our highly sophisticated laser cutting equipment, gives us the ability to fulfill high level manufacturing projects for all types of industries. Our in-house knowledge and equipment flexibility combine to give us the ability to utilize a wide variety of metals, including every major and sub-major type of steel, as well as aluminum, copper, titanium, and even exotic metals. We can cut thicker metals, wider metals, and longer metals than any other local laser cutting company.

sparks flying as a machine uses laser to cut into a thick piece of metal

Since the very beginning, Camp Manufacturing has established the highest standards for Precision Laser Cutting in our field. We can offer your company the tightest standard tolerances and the most exact specifications you could hope for. We offer bigger, better, and faster metal laser cutting than any other Laser Cutting Company around.

Call or contact our experts today, and see what Camp Manufacturing can do for you! We’re your top choice for Laser Cutting Company in the Southeastern U.S., and throughout the United States.

  • Custom cutting of up to 6’ x 14’ raw steel plates (72” x 168”)
  • 24/7 Metal Laser Cutting ability
  • Utilize, modify, or create specs with Prototype LC
  • Standard tolerances +/- .005 or better
  • Quick turnaround, rush delivery available