Additional Metal Fabrication Shop Services

For over 30 years, Camp Manufacturing has carried a strong legacy of success. The company has grown from a small, West Georgia Metal Fabrication Shop, into a reputable regional success story. Our skill set has grown to encompass many major advances in metalworking technology, including all the latest laser cutting and metal forming technologies. If there is anyone in the Southeastern U.S. who can help you improve your bottom line in the Manufacturing Industry, the Automotive Parts Industry, the Agricultural Parts Industry, or more, it’s Camp Manufacturing. Whether you need Sheet Metal Prototype parts, or total custom metal parts, we have the skills, abilities, tools, and desire to meet your metal parts needs. We’ve helped countless others, and we can help you too!

Sheet Metal Prototype The total service offerings from Camp Manufacturing can be as specialized as any individual service from our roster, or as comprehensive as our combined skillsets and in-house technologies can offer. You’ve probably heard about our Fiber Optics Laser Cutting services, or maybe even our Metal Forming and Press Braking services. You may not have heard about our extensive list of Additional Metal Fabrication Shop Services. We specialize in diversity. Call or contact us today for these or any other of our services.

  • Tig Welding
  • Mig Welding
  • Blasting
  • Powder coating
  • Bar coding packaging
  • Delivery (trucking fleet)
  • Metal fabrication and assembly